Cancellation by CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd.
CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. May be unable to fulfill some purchase orders and must cancel them. For whatever reason, CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. Maintains the authority to decline or cancel any order.
These can be the situations (not limited to) when we hold the right to cancel a purchase:

Discontinuation of Service.
Inaccuracies or inconsistencies in payment options.
Non-availability of the good or service ordered by You.
Any fraudulent activity identified by our payment partners.

Prior to approving any purchase, CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. may demand extra validations or documentation. We will contact you and inform you in case a part of your purchase or the whole purchase is being cancelled by us. We may also contact you for further verifications.

Cancellation by the Users 
In the event that an order cancellation request is made, CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. maintains the right to accept or refuse the demand for any reason. Once an order is being verified and processed for further transactions can not be cancelled by us. CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. has complete discretion over whether or not an order is processed. By using and purchasing our service, you accept not to dispute any decision made by CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. and our final decision regarding the cancellation.

Owing to the structure of the company, CyberShield Technologies Pvt Ltd. does not provide a refund policy when you purchase our products/services. If you are unhappy with any of our Courses, please contact our customer care department within 24 hours of receiving the material. After investigating your concern, the Support Team will make an appropriate conclusion.

Any payment against the fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. is an initiative by Institute of Digital Studies and parent company Cybershield Technologies Pvt. Ltd.